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Michikaru's ideas for another story.


             Earth Lovers:  AU – 1x2/2x1 -- A story about Duo Maxwell, a colony urchin, who loves Earth. One day, his gang and his only family, his twin brother, are killed by and organization called OZ. Alone and angry, Duo escapes to the last place that gave him peace, Earth. Once on this giant rock, Duo encounters a boy called Heero Yuy, a painter and a mute. This is where are story really begins. Can this boy bring Duo the saluted he needs? Can he save Duo from his own demons? Or better yet, can Duo save him?


             Untitled:  AU – 2x3/3x2 -- Rich boy, Quatre Reberba Winner just wanted to get away from life… but mostly he wanted to get away from his 29 sisters. Off in some desolate cabin, if you can degrade it to just that, he stumbles upon, and I mean that letterly, a merman. Will this trip unveil wondrous secrets? Or will it only lead to disaster? There is only one summer a year and this one can’t be missed.


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