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Mira "Michikaru" Watanabe

Just a little about moi.

(That really is me by-the-way, lol.) --> -->


It is easy to tell that I am obsessed with Gundam Wing Yaoi. That's a no brainer. Some other things I like is good old, plain old yaoi. My two top yaoi fabs are Gundam Wing (duuh) and Harry Potter (YAY!<3). I love Harry uke-centric fan fics!~


Anyway, back to GW.


My favorite GW character will always be... dum dum dum... DUO MAXWELL! *cheers and claps* I just love Duo-centric fan fiction! <3 <3 Be it uke (receiver; bottom) or seme (attacker; top).


Where do I live?  -- I'm not really sure most of the time. I would say I live in my head. It's a fun place and people know me there. ^_^


How old am I? --   *looks slowly right then left* I’m 18 if anyone asks. And I will always be 18 until I turn 19! Which would be too far off from now… Lol.

How do I feel? Deranged


Favorite pairings and Threesomes:

1x2/2x1         2x3/3x2        2x4/4x2

2x5/5x2         2x6/6x2        1x2x3

1x2x4            1x2x5           1x2x6

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